Sea to Sky part 1 - Horseshoe Bay to Squamish

British Columbia, Canada

by Inga Groberman

This group of photographs covers what is known as the Sea to Sky Highway which stretches from Horseshoe Bay in the south all the way to Pemberton in the north. Part 1 includes the views along Howe Sound and ends in the Squamish area.

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1 Lions Bay
2 Boyer Island
3 Strachan Point

4 Shannon Falls
5 Shannon Falls
6 Shannon Falls
Ice climbing

7 Squamish Chief Monolith
famous worldwide for
rock climbers
8 - Carved Rock, Indian Motif
Howe Sound
9 - Howe Sound -
across the water is
the Woodfibre Lumber Mill

10 Britannia Mine Museum
11 - Tantalus Range
12 - Tantalus Range

13 Callaghan Lake
14 Basalt columns
15 Basalt columns

16 Brandywine Falls
17 Ice Formations
18 Ice Formations

Photographer: Inga Groberman
[email protected]

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