Inga Groberman

Photographer - West Vancouver

British Columbia - Canada
Gulf Islands

001 Gambier Island
looking southwest towards
Keates Island
002 Gambier Island
003 Jedediah Island
Provincial Marine Park
Memorial to Daniel Culver

004 Jedediah Island Map
640 acres of uninhabited island
between Lasqueti & Texada Islands
in Sabine Channel-Georgia Strait
005 Jedediah Island
Home Bay Entrance
006 Jedediah Island
Home Bay & the "Homestead"

007 Jedediah Island
the Great Meadow with
mint in full bloom
008 Jedediah Island
resident feral sheep
there are also feral goats
009 Jedediah Island
equipment barn & Will's
shelter at the Homestead

010 Jedediah Island
Will surveying his territory
Will arrived in the 1980's
and stayed on his own
after the owners sold
Sadly will passed away in
the early 2000's
after living into his 30's
011 Jedediah Island
Will's favourite spot
in the apple orchard
012 Lasqueti Island

013 Lasqueti Island
False Bay
014 Lasqueti Island
Sqatters floating home
015 Lasqueti Island
More floating residents
at high water mark

016 Texada Island
Concrete plant & Quarry
at Vanada
017 Texada Island
018 Powell River
on the mainland

019 Powell River
A store with a flair
020 Lund
021 Desolation Sound
Prideaux Haven

022 Desolation Sound
Toba Inlet
023 Desolation Sound
Toba waterfalls
024 Desolation Sound
Toba Inlet - steep cliffs

025 Desolation Sound
Toba Waterfall
026 Cortes Island
Squirrel Cove Bakery
027 Cortes
Manson's Landing

028 Cortes Island
Manson's Landing Oyster Farm
029 Cortes Island
Cortes Bay Anchorage
030 Cortes Island
Coulter Bay oyster picking

031 Cortes
The Gorge
032 Cortes
Cortes Harbour
033 Desolation Sound
Ramsay Arm
Quantum Bay

034 Desolation Sound
Ramsay Arm
035 Quadra Island
Drew Harbour
036 Quadra Island
Heriot Bay

037 Stuart Island
Big Bay
038 Stuart Island
039 Stuart Island
Dave Ritchie's Resort

040 Stuart Island
Dave Ritchie's Resort
041 Alert Bay
Vancouver Island
042 Rivers Inlet
Fury Island

043 Rivers Inlet
fishing camp
044 Rivers Inlet
old fishing cannery
045 Rivers Inlet
Whale fin!!

046 Queen Charlotte Islands
bay across from
Langarra Lodge
047 Queen Charlotte Islands
Haida settlement
048 Queen Charlotte Islands
Lepas Bay

049 Gulf Island from float plane
050 Gabriola Island
Silva Bay
051 Tugboat Island

052 Ruxton Island
Ruxton Pass
053 Ruxton - wind carved sandstone shapes
054 Thetis Island
Telegraph Harbour

055 Thetis Island
beach flowers
056 Thetis Island
low tide
057 Thetis Island
Capernwray Bible College

058 Thetis Island
window box splendour
059 Thetis Island
Organic Gardens
060 Wallace Island

061 Galiano Island
Montague Harbour
062 Galiano Island
old residence
063 Galiano Island
old home on barge

064 Galiano Island
old barge still floating
065 Saltspring Island
Ganges Harbour, float plane
066 Saltspring Island
Ganges stores

067 Saltspring Island map
068 Saltspring Island
Ganges - Hastings House
069 Saltspring Island
Ganges - Hastings House
farmhouse, east & west

070 Saltspring Island
Venerable craft
071 Saltspring Island
Spring lambs
072 Saltspring Island
Fulford Village

073 Hornby Island
Tribune Bay
074 Saturna Island
Canada Day - Breezy Bay
075 Saturna Island
Breezy Bay
strange illumination

076 Saturna Island
Canada Day celebrations
077 Saturna Island
Canada Day celebrations
078 Saturna Island
Lamb Barbecue
Canada Day

079 Saturna Island
Canada Day - games for all

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